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Resignations in mid-season

There have been a number of clubs that have resigned their places in the Scottish League after the close of the season. However there have been a few that through having  financial difficulties,  have had to resign their membership while the competition is still in progress.


On 20 October 1897, Renton resigned from the Second Division for financial reasons – they could not meet the £10 guaranteed gate money for visiting clubs. As they had only completed four games it was decided that a replacement club (Hamilton Academical) would be elected to fulfil the rest of the fixtures.


Bathgate resigned in February 1929 and their record expunged on 12 March 1929. Although Arthurlie also resigned, on 17 April 1929, their record was allowed to stand as they had completed their matches against the leading clubs. A ballot was taken at the Scottish League’s AGM to replace them.


During the Third Division of the 1920s turbulent history, a number of clubs couldn’t fulfil their fixtures. Dumbarton Harp dropped out after 17 games on 10 January 1925, Galston were also flying the flags of distress in April but were encouraged to continue. They actually started the 1925-26 season but couldn’t continue after January 1926. By now the whole division was collapsing and at the end only Helensburgh had completed their fixtures.


The last club to resign from the Scottish League in mid season was Cowdenbeath. The harsh War-time conditions forced the club to suspend its operations in January 1940. Despite having completed only half of its fixtures, the League allowed their record to stand.