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Starting off as a review of George Campbell's seminal Scottish Amateur Internationals work, this was  expanded to cover the entire UK. As such it lists 99.9% of every line-up and goalscorer, there were unfortunately six Great Britain games that we could not find all the details for. The book also lists virtually all opposition details as well as dates, venues, many attendances, referees, half-times and a great many goal times. Extensively illustrated, this is a must-have for any soccer bookshelf. Copies can be obtained from for just 15.30 plus P&P via debit card or Paypal.
An update sheet which gives a number of missing foreign line-ups and spelling corrections can be downloaded HERE.

A comprehensive record of British and Irish Football during two World Wars, giving the date and result of every match played in each of the English, Scottish and Irish Leagues. All the county and regional cup competitions are also covered. Friendly matches, which for some clubs were a main part of their fixture list, are also given. The many Representative, international and military fixtures are also listed. Available from for only 16 plus P&P.

From the archives of the SFHA a season-by-season record of senior competitive football during the 19th century. Features regional, county and local cups, national and regional leagues, plus representative matches. This compilation also includes the Scottish League, Scottish Cup and Scottish Qualifying Cup. Over 350 pages of results spanning nearly 30 years, this is available for 14.45 plus P&P from