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Reserve cup competitions

County cup competitions were popular during the 19th century as many counties had reserve FAs. These gradually fell out of favour and were more or less gone by the time of the Great War through a mixture of apathy and the cost of actually running a reserve side in the professional era. However the national Scottish 2nd XI Cup existed right up until 1988...

Scottish 2nd XI Cup All the winners plus the most complete record of results available.

Scottish Alliance Shield Played in 1932-33 to generate more fixtures when the Alliance was reduced to 14 clubs.

Scottish Reserve League Cup Competitions organised by the various versions of the post-WW2 Scottish Reserve League and C Division.

Ayrshire 2nd XI Cup Running from 1887 to 1897, the trophy would later be re-used for other competitions.

Dumbartonshire 2nd XI Cup Played for between 1885 and 1893.

Edinburgh 2nd XI Cup Played for between 1882 and 1899. The trophy was re-used as the City Cup.

Forfarshire 2nd XI Cup Played for between 1885 and 1894.

Fifeshire 2nd XI Cup Played for in the late 1880s.

Glasgow 2nd XI Cup Played for between 1891 and 1922.

Johnstone and District 2nd XI Cup Played occasionally during the 1870s and 1880s.

Linlithgowshire 2nd XI Cup Played for between 1885 and 1895.

Lanarkshire 2nd XI Cup Played for between 1886 and 1896.

North Eastern 2nd XI Cup Glasgow-based competition from the 19th century.

Perthshire 2nd XI Cup Played for between 1887 and 1911.

Renfrewshire 2nd XI Cup Played during the early 1890s, it was discontinued after 1895 due to a lack of entries.

Robertson Cup Primarily a first team competition, the 1926-27 edition was open only to 2nd XIs.

Stirlingshire 2nd XI Cup Played between 1891 and 1897.