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County-wide cups

These pages list results from the various county FA competitions. Also included are qualifying and consolation competitions as well as other county-wide tournaments



Aberdeenshire Cup Organised by the Aberdeenshire FA since 1887. This page also include results for the Qualifying Cup that was played prior to the Great War.

Aberdeenshire Shield Played since 1990 with the Fleming Charity Shield trophy, last played for in 1929, being awarded to the winners.

Atholl Cup Former senior competition for Perthshire clubs, now played for by amateurs.

Ayrshire Cup First played in 1877, this competition finally bowed out in 1998 and most of the results can be viewed HERE.

Ayrshire Consolation Cup Competed for between 1897 and 1903 by clubs knocked out of the early stages of the Ayrshire Cup.

Ayrshire Qualifying Cup Competition, usually in a league format, used to determine which clubs played in the Ayrshire Cup proper.

Baillie Clubb Cup Buchan county competition played in the early 1920s.

Banffshire Cup Played between 1899 and 1930.

Birks Cup Competition for Perthshire clubs.

Calder Shield This was the championship trophy of the then recently disbanded Central League, being played off between the four West Lothian clubs in the 1920s.

Carry Cup Also referred toi as the Carrie Cup, this was the trophy awarded to the winners of the Forfarshire County League as well as also being a knock-out competition.

Clackmannanshire Championship One-off match played in 1922 by the two surviving senior clubs in the county.

Clackmannanshire Charity Cup Although a charity competition, this was the closest the Clackmannanshire had to a county cup.

Dumbartonshire Cup Arguably the second most important competition after the Scottish Cup during the 1880s as it had three of the most powerful clubs in the world as entrants.

Dumbartonshire Tournament One-off competition played at the start of season 1885-86 to help raise funds for the Dumbartonshire FA.

Fife Cup One of the few county cups still in existence, first played in 1882.

Forfarshire Cup Competition for the county of Angus, since 1986 it has also included St Johnstone.

Glasgow Cup Once the most important competition after the Scottish Cup and Scottish League.

Haddingtonshire Cup Short-lived competition for East Lothian clubs from the early 1880s. 

Lanarkshire Cup First played in 1879, this long running competition was last played for in 1996.

Lanarkshire Consolation Cup Competiton, played during the 1890s, for those clubs knocked out during the early rounds of the Lanarkshire Cup.

Lanarkshire Express Cup Running from 1909 to the mid 1920s, this reused the trophy for the old Lanarkshire Consolation Cup competition.

Linlithgowshire Cup Long defunct West Lothian competition, last played in 1926 after Bo'ness left to join the Stirlingshire FA.

Perthshire Consolation Cup Competition for clubs knocked out during the early rounds of the Perthshire Cup.

Perthshire Cup Long running competition for clubs in the 'Big County'. Last played for in 1975 long after it had been superceded by the Perthshire Amateur Cup.

Perthshire League Cup Played in 1910-11, this was organised by the Perthshire League.

President's Trophy Played in 1878-79 by members of the Edinburgh FA.

Renfrewshire Cup The competition of the Renfrewshire FA, first played in 1878. Although tthis association no longer exists, the cup continues to this day.

Renfrewshire Coronation Cup One off tournament played during May and June 1902 to help raise money for the Ibrox Disaster Relief Fund.

Renfrewshire Victoria Cup Formerly competed for by senior clubs, this is now a competition for amateur clubs and is a qualifying competition for the Renfrewshire Cup.

Royal Standard and Grand National Halls Cup Two editions of this Glasgow competition was played, in 1879-80 and 1880-81.

St Cuthbert's Cup Kircudbrightshire competition from the early 1890s, the trophy was later re-used as the championship trophy of the South of Scotland League.

Stirlingshire Cup First played in 1883, this long running competition has also embraced clubs from neighbouring counties.

Stirlingshire Consolation Cup Long running competition, first played in 1897-98. It lasted until 1927 although there were occasional editions in the 1930s and 1950s.

Stirlingshire Coronation Trophy One-off tournament from 1902 held to celebrate the new Monarch's coronation.

Tweedie Cup Ongoing competition for clubs in Wigtownshire, first played in 1898.

Wemyss Cup Fife knock-out competition played between 1897 and 1939.Between 1905 and 1913 it was mainly played on a round-robin basis.

Wemyss League Name the Wemyss Cup was known as between 1905 and 1913 when it was played on a round-robin basis.

Wigtownshire Cup Long running competition of the Wigtownshire FA, played between 1889 and 1968.



Berwickshire Consolation Cup Competed for between 1923 and 1929, this was open to clubs knocked out during the early rounds of the Berwickshire Junior FA's other cups.

Clackmannanshire Junior Cup Using the trophy of the old Clackmannanshire Charity Cup, the Junior Cup was abandoned after the Clacks JFA went defunct in 1909. It was renamed the Alloa and District Junior Cup until 1913.

Chapman Cup Short-lived post-WW2 competition for Kincardineshire clubs.

Dainty Dinah Cup Berwickshire competition from the 1920s.

East Lothian Junior Cup Re-using the old Haddingtonshire Cup trophy, this existed between 1891 and 1933

East Lothian Junior League Cup Despite the league actually being in abeyance around 1900, this competition was still played.

Lanarkshire Junior League Cup Organised by the Lanarkshire Junior League from 1921 until 1968.

Lees Cup Initially called the Paton Cup, this Berwickshire competition ran from 1922 to 1929.

Paton Cup Briefly the original name for the Lees Cup.

Stirlingshire Junior Badges Competition held in 1889-90 to help raise funds for the Stirlingshire Junior FA.

Stirlingshire Jubilee Cup Organised by the Stirlingshire Junior FA in 1938 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding. It was last played for in 1946.

Subscription Cup Competition open to members of the Kincardineshire Junior FA.

Waring Trophy Cup for Berwickshire Junior FA clubs during the 1920s.

Wemyss Junior Cup One of two trophies put up for competition in 1897 by a local Fife election candidate, unlike the senior version, this one only lasted one season.

Wingate Cup Only one edition of this Berwickshire Junior FA competition was held, in 1925-26.