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The All-time Club Directory

Click on this link, Club Directory  for the most recent version. (Last update 20 July 2016)
*** Please note that only the Nos-A-Z pages have been updated.***
 For copies of the All-time Club Directory, click on the link above for the excel spreadsheet which contains information on nearly 7000 Senior and Junior clubs to have existed since the 1820s. The lists are by A-Z, with others showing the clubs by grade, location, county, by formation and Scottish Cup entries.  


Where a name has been used on several occasions, these clubs have been differentiated by a number, [1], [2] etc.
All dates given are inclusive, 1890-1892 means seasons 1890-91 and 1891-92.
Where a date is unknown, this has been marked with an asterisk (*). For example 18** denotes sometime between 1870 and 1890. 189* denotes sometime in the 1890s and so on. Any confirmed dates of formation and/or disbanding are given in bold, while all other dates are given as italics.


This Directory has been growing slowly over the last 30 years, having started out as a personal all-time index of Senior clubs, initially those entering the Scottish Cup. The catalyst for the project was the publication of the seminal work by John Byrne, Scottish Cup 1873-1986. Thanks to numerous contributions, the original directory has been greatly expanded upon and also now includes nearly every Junior club to have existed. The Directory now has over 6500 clubs in its database. In particular I am most grateful to the following individuals for their invaluable help...
Stuart Robertson, for giving me access to his own list of Junior clubs.
Alick Milne, for sharing his research of colours for a great many Senior clubs.
Tom Thornton (East Lothian), Graeme McGinty (West Lothian), Brian Reilly (clubs in Maryhill in the 1890s), John Meffen (Stirlingshire) and Malcolm Pagan (Dumfries & Galloway) who have all shared their research to greatly expand the number of clubs included.
I also have to thank Alan McCabe and Stewart Davidson who kindly loaned me copies of club lists compiled by the late Jackie Heaney.