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C Division

For dates and results of every C Division game, follow the links below.

1946-47  1947-48  1948-49  1949-50  1950-51  1951-52  1952-53  1953-54  1954-55

When the Scottish League was revived after the Second World War in 1946, it had intended to revert to its pre-War set-up of two divisions of 20 and 18 clubs just as the English League had done. However the big First Division sides preferred to retain the 16-14 club divisions that was used by the Southern League during the previous season, and intended to breakaway and form a rival Super League if their wishes weren’t granted. After much debate, the League voted to keep the status quo and placed the six excluded clubs into a third division. The divisions were also renamed A-B-C instead of 1, 2 and 3.

Of all the pre-War clubs, only two failed to restart. Stirling Albion were formed as a replacement for King’s Park whose ground was destroyed in a bombing raid, while St Bernard's folded after their ground was sold from beneath them. Three reserve sides were also invited to help make the number of member clubs up to ten. 

Only first teams could gain promotion to the B Division, but when the Scottish Reserve League was merged with the C Division in 1949 to create two regionalised sections, this made it well nigh impossible for them to achieve this, as the minnows had to face the second strings of the A Division giants. Whereas no reserve sides won the C Division between 1946 and 1949, they only failed to win on one occasion after this.

At a League meeting in June 1955, a number of clubs intended to withdraw their reserve sides and reform the Reserve League. The five C Division clubs were promoted to an expanded 19-club B Division and the C Division was abolished.

As C Division sides were excluded from the League Cup, they had to play in their own C Division League Cup, this was played as the Supplementary League in 1947-48.


 1946-47 Stirling Albion
   C Division League Cup
 Stirling Albion
 1947-48 East Stirlingshire    no competition
 1948-49 Forfar Athletic    no competition
 North & East Section   South & West Section  no competition
 1949-50 Hibernian 'A'  Clyde 'A'  no competition
 1950-51 Heart of Midlothian 'A'   Clyde 'A'  Aberdeen 'A' 
 1951-52 Dundee 'A'    Rangers 'A'  Aberdeen 'A'
 1952-53 Aberdeen 'A'   Rangers 'A'  Aberdeen 'A' & Rangers 'A'
 1953-54 Brechin City   Rangers 'A'  Partick Thistle 'A' & Rangers 'A'
 1954-55 Aberdeen 'A'      Partick Thistle 'A'  no competition
 Supplementary League A          Supplementary League B  
 1947-48 Forfar Athletic   East Fife 'A'  
 1948-49 Brechin City  Leith Athletic  
 Supplementary League 1954-55
South & West Section A Motherwell 'A'
South & West Section B Rangers 'A'
North & East Section A Aberdeen 'A'
North & East Section B Heart of Midlothian 'A'