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1939-40 season

When Britain declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939, the Scottish Football League had already played five rounds of its fixture card when all football was suspended.  The Scottish FA, because of a government ban on all outdoor activities, cancelled all  players' contracts although their club registrations would remain active. On 13 September, the Scottish League officially suspended its competition but set up a committee to explore the possibility of starting regional leagues.  These were rubber-stamped on 26 September and commenced a month later.  The two divisions would consisit of sixteen clubs each, and be split into western and eastern sections. This left six clubs out ie Montrose, Brechin City, Forfar Athletic, Leith Athletic, Edinburgh City and East Stirlingshire.
Half way through the season, Cowdenbeath resigned, but as they had played all the other clubs once, their record was allowed to stand. The competition was completed by a play-off between the two divisional winners, which was ironic as Rangers had led from Falkirk by a point in the First Division before it was cancelled. Although the Scottish League had intended returning to the pre-War set-up, events at Dunkirk in 1940 changed this. The League Committee decided to suspend the League for the duration of the War, but let its member clubs form their own competitions in the meantime. This prompted sixteen clubs to create the Southern League, and a year later eight teams to set up a North Eastern League.


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